September 24, 2016
  • Keep the Sabbath Holy! Sunset Tonight, September 24th is at 6:51 P.M. Sunset next Friday, September 30th will be at 6:40 P.M.
  • October 1st:  We will have a special SS program to introduce the next 13 weeks.  We will have a light breakfast at 9AM and special program to be followed by Sabbath school classes
  • October 1st: Pathfinder Day. Enjoy a day of Power Inspiration, Passionate Ministry, and Love led out by Young Leaders of today and tomorrow with special guest Pastor Roger Wade. See flyer or Jacquie Thompson, for more details.
  • All prayer warriors are invited to a prayer meeting every Wednesday at 6 P.M. that is held in the church sanctuary.
  • Please be advised that the bottle drive by our pathfinders is still ongoing. Sister Thompson will take or arrange to have them picked up if necessary. Thanks to all who is willing to support our pathfinders!
  • This week’s Community Service Pantry items: Spaghetti & Spaghetti sauce
“Pray for one another …” (James 5:16)
  • Emmanuel Louis, Adolf, Susan, Irene, Devon Tugman and the family, Donald Giuttary, Victor Leidich, Roosevelt and family, Aldrin Arrogante, Susan, Victims and families of the recent shooting in Davao, Philippines; Steven Rocco (healing).
“I was sick and you visited Me…” (Matthew 25:26)
Barbara Murphy                                         Blue Sky Mobile Home Park
Agata James-Lansiquot                              Hospital
Just a thought…
“True Christian love cherished in the heart and exemplified in the life, would teach us to put the best possible construction upon the course of our brethren. We should be as jealous of their reputation as of our own. If we are forever suspecting evil, this very fact will so shape their course of action as to produce the very evil which we have allowed ourselves to suspect. In this way, a great many difficulties are manufactured that otherwise would never have had birth, and brethren are often wronged by our being suspicious, free to judge their motives, and express our opinion to others in regard to their actions. That which one may be ready to construe into grave wrongs, may be no more than we ourselves are chargeable with every day (Ellen G. White, The Review and Herald (15 April 1880).