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There will be a potluck following the church service every Sabbath in April.
Visitation continues this week on Sunday . Starting at 10:30 am we meet at Church . See Gary Thompson for details.
AY will take place today @ 6:25 (Youth Church) with the 4th volleyball tournament following after sunset.
Church Business Meeting April 13th @ 6:30 PM
 “WE HAVE ADDRESSES of people recently moved into the Middletown. See Amy Filep if you’re willing to help in welcoming to the neighborhood.
April 14-Social-Culinary Throw Down.
See Jeannette Morse
April 20th all men will meet to plan for the Mother’s Day Lunch which is scheduled for May 11th (Lots of details….get involved!)
 *This Week’s Food Pantry:   canned fruit
Happy Birthday!
Chef Mark Anthony of 3 ABN & Las Vegas will be in Middletown on May 7.  More info to come.
"The City of Middletown will be celebrating its 125th Anniversary on June 29. Our church has been invited to participate.
Do you have any suggestions? What about a float? Food for this event? An evening concert? Give your ideas to Pastor Dyman & Gary Thompson ASAP."
"The Let's Move Day is being planned for September 22, 2013. Donations are now being accepted. See Dr. Dummett, Claudia Douglas or Richard Mills for details
This Week & Coming Up
*We've been walking - come join us.  Sundays at Shannon Park at 7:30 A.M. See Dr. Dummett
*Tuesdays:  Look for “Bible Review” to air on Time Warner Cable channel 23, Tuesdays from 6-7 P.M.
Wednesday:  7 P.M. Prayer Meeting
Friday: Youth Bible Study @ 7 P.M. with Sabrina Mills