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2nd reading for Stephanie Ledoux from Mableton Salem French SDA Church in Mableton, GA to Middletown SDA in Middletown NY
There will be a potluck following the church service every Sabbath in April. We would ask that you try to eat in the gym area if possible and not upstairs or in the chapel.
April 20th all men will meet to plan for the Mother’s Day Lunch which is scheduled for May 11th (Lots of details….get involved!)
Visitation continues today @ 5 P.M. today…meetig at the church.  See Gary Thompson for details
ATTENTION:  Church cleanup of the sanctuary tomorrow…bring vacuum cleaners, pails, cleaning rags, furniture polish, etc. 8:30A.M.  Be on time to take good care of the Lord’s house!
Irene Wright has a birthday coming up and we will be celebrating with her during our potluck lunch on the 27th of April.
Rodney, Jeannette and the Social Committee would like to thank all who came out in support of Sunday's Rice/Rice-n-Beans Throwdown. We look forward to continuing our mission to bring focus on how delicious Vegan/Vegetarian food can be...one Throwdown at a time and all in the name of health. Next up...Macaroni-and-Cheese!
 *This Week’s Food Pantry:   mac & cheese
Happy Birthday!  
20th Camiesha Wilson & Miles Warmington, 23rd Laura Andrew, 25th Stan DeGraw & Samara Filep
Happy Anniversary!
26th Luis & Iris Montes,
27th Gary & Jacqui Thompson
Chef Mark Anthony of 3 ABN & Las Vegas will be in Middletown on May 7.  More info to come.
"The City of Middletown will be celebrating its 125th Anniversary on June 29. Our church has been invited to participate.
Do you have any suggestions? What about a float? Food for this event? An evening concert? Give your ideas to Pastor Dyman & Gary Thompson ASAP."
This Week & Coming Up
Sundays:*We've been walking - come join us @ 7:30
   A.M. @ Shannon Park.  See Dr. Dummett
Tuesdays:  Look for “Bible Review” to air on Time Warner  
   Cable Channel 23 from 6-7 P.M.
Tuesday:  School Board  Meeting @ 7P.M.
Wednesday:  7 P.M. Prayer Meeting
Friday: Youth Bible Study @ 7 P.M. with Sabrina Mills