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There will be a potluck after the church today…we invite you to join us!
Visitation continues today @ 5 P.M. today…meeting at the church.  See Gary Thompson for details
 Today’s AY @ 6:30!    Learning with the Lord.  “Higher than the Highest thoughts can reach is God’s Ideal for His children”.  Come and learn with us how to help our children.
The Business Meeting scheduled for this evening has been cancelled
 *This Week’s Food Pantry:   cans of peas
Happy Birthday!  
19th Chris Wilson, 24th Rose Cutler, 25th Malachi Leidich
We wish our Pathfinders well as they attend Camporee next weekend
At Camp Berkshire!
Our condolences to Annette Gordon in the loss of her mother who resided in Jamaica.  Please see the bulletin board in lobby for Annette’s address to send cards
Thank you men for such a lovely meal last week!
Philip Dah : From Middletown SDA Church
                  To Berrien Springs Pioneer Memorial
 Church, Berrien Springs, M.I
Barbara Codner: From Jamaica SDA Church, Jamaica, NY
                    To Middletown SDA Church, Middletown, NY
This Week & Coming Up
Sundays:*We've been walking - come join us @ 7:30
   A.M. @ Shannon Park.  See Dr. Dummett
Tuesdays:  Look for “Bible Review” to air on Time Warner  
   Cable Channel 23 from 6-7 P.M.
Tuesday:  School Board Meeting @ 7 P.M.
Wednesday:  7 P.M. Prayer Meeting
Friday: Choir practice