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***ATTENTION: ALL LADIES!*** Please meet at the front of the church immediately after service to begin planning for the fast approaching Father's Day Potluck on Saturday, June 15th. The men did an outstanding job as usual and if we set out to do the same we'll need everyone's help!
Visitation continues today @ 5 P.M. today…meeting at the church.  See Gary Thompson for details
Please watch for traffic changes on Sabbath June 1 in the City of Middlewtown. Ther is an a very large activity going on and traffic patterns may change along Rt. 211/Wickham Avenue.
 *This Week’s Food Pantry:   PB & jelly
Happy Birthday!  
25th Malachi Leidich, 26th Theresa Logan,
28th Joe Edouard
Happy Anniversary! 26th Kim & Shawn Daly

Transfers…2nd reading
Philip Dah : From Middletown SDA Church
                  To Berrien Springs Pioneer Memorial
 Church, Berrien Springs, M.I
Barbara Codner: From Jamaica SDA Church, Jamaica, NY
                    To Middletown SDA Church, Middletown, NY
This Week & Coming Up
Sundays:*We've been walking - come join us @ 7:30
   A.M. @ Shannon Park.  See Dr. Dummett
Tuesdays:  Look for “Bible Review” to air on Time Warner  
   Cable Channel 23 from 6-7 P.M.
Wednesday:  7 P.M. Prayer Meeting