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Sermon: God's Law of Continuity


Scripture Reading: Numbers 14:11-18

Call to Worship: “Baton: A short stick or tube passed from runner to runner in a relay race.”

WORSHIP THEME: His making all things new in the regeneration will not be His making them out of nothing, but rather His remaking them. Look about you and see if this view of the matter, full of comfort as we shall find it, be not substantiated by all that we are able to observe of God's methods now. Do you anywhere find a new thing that is not in some way a product and result of an older thing? We are tempted into taking the despairing view of God's law of renewal, because we think that the past is not only gone, but also lost. This is a blunder. Nothing is lost of which we preserve the precious results.

Opening Hymn: Live Out Thy Life Within Me #316

Closing Hymn:  Standing on the Promises #518